Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 29. Day 149. Reflective

My baby is growing up and today was another step on that road to independence.
It's Year 11 information night where students and their parents gather at the school to learn about subject selection and career pathways for next year. It's the first tangible evidence that senior school is just around the corner, a fact I have chosen to ignore until this point. This little black duck isn't ready to be the mother of a senior school student just yet.
Mind you I was reflecting on something else when I was staring into the duck pond at South Bank this morning taking this photo.
I can't actually tell you what I was thinking about but I can tell you it wasn't the information evening because I didn't yet know it was on.
My baby may be on the verge of starting senior school but he's still no closer to remembering to bring home and deliver school newsletters.
Thank heavens for the combined wonders of the parent network and online newsletters. Without that I would be a duck out of water.

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