Sunday, May 19, 2013

May 19. Day 139. Beached

I'm pretty sure it has happened to all of us. You think there is somewhere or something your little one will just adore, a new experience he or she will take to like a duck to water ... and then you realise just how wrong you can be.
That was pretty much the story of Rumple's first trip to the dog beach. In my mind he would charging through the water, ears pinned back creating quite a splash - a bit like Lulu in the first photo.
But it wasn't to be. Rumple took one look at the water and ran the other way. He wasn't even interested in playing his favourite game on fetch on the shore.
So according to the original assessment criteria today was an epic fail. But as this is a piece of self assessment I shall just change the criteria (*note to my students, this is a privilege I extend only to myself. You will be judged by the original set criteria like it or not).
It was an absolutely stunning day. We had a long walk along the beach watching the families with their dogs playing in the water or fishing or just splashing about.
As an added bonus, I also collected a few unusual shells for my shell collection.
While the water wasn't Rumple's cup of tea he did seem to enjoy meeting the other dogs and I was impressed at how well behaved the dogs were and friendly their owners were.
Yep, that's a successful family day out without even getting your feet wet. We'll be back and I'm pretty sure with age Rumple will enjoy actually going in the water. Or not. Whatever. I'll just rewrite the rules.


  1. Dogs are very much like children then!
    Thank you for sharing and linking up with Motivational Monday

  2. aw those are super cute dogs!!

  3. what cute dogs! i am sure Rumple will venture into the water eventually x

  4. Look at that little face - oh Susan, you've opened up a can of worms now. I've been hankering after another dog for a while, these great pictures have made that worse.

  5. Oh, little chap! As already said, much like children :)

  6. My dog will only go in the water if he can walk in it, I'm not sure he knows how to swim

  7. Ahh They look like they had fun :) x