Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 26. Day 146. Catch!

Brisbane came out in force to celebrate everything African at the annual Africa Day Festival organised by the Queensland African Communities Council today.
African food, African music, the traditional clothing of Africa were all being enjoyed equally by those of African origin and those who just enjoy heading out in the sun on a beautiful autumn day to enjoy a multicultural festival.
But while the festival was definitely walking to the beat of the African drum it was clear that for kids some kinds of fun are universal.
Football, fairy floss and face painting seem to translate pretty well no matter what the festival or your ethnic background.
Here's Apollo, aged almost six, and Marcellus, 5, having a ball at the festival.


  1. Just goes to show that children are just children no matter what. Amazing picture as always and very wise words.

  2. I'm sure the festival was a feast for the senses, great photo as usual, thanks for sharing with Country Kids.

  3. That is such a happy photo - so exuberant - love it! #CountryKids

  4. Such a great photo - love the energy :)

  5. What a brilliant photo. It really picks up the fun of the day :)