Thursday, May 30, 2013

May 30. Day 150. The vet

My baby is spending his first night in vet hospital on a drip.
It breaks your heart when you see those nearest and dearest suffering. This is Rumple and I sitting on the floor of the West End vet, my little man still with vomit on his furry chin.
The worst of this is that it was completely avoidable and all my fault.
Rumple had to have induced vomiting and then have his kidneys flushed because I left my handbag on the floor and he was able to help himself to Nurofen Plus. Exactly how much he ate is unknown but best guess from the packet and pieces on the floor probably about one tablet. It could have been far, far worse. It would have been far, far better had it not happened at all.
It will end up being a costly lesson but in instances like this you do what it takes. Like the ad says some things are priceless.


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  2. Hope he'll be OK, these things happen, they get into everything :-)

  3. ooohhh dear, as you say avoidable but totaly unintentional, so so easy to over look none obvious things. Thank goodness he is ok, and I hope you are too.