Thursday, May 23, 2013

May 23. Day 143. Gone fishing

Dinner time. Given how much I love to eat and I quite like to cook, it's a mystery why I find the business of dinner to be such a daily grind.
I think it comes down to decision time. I'd love to be one of those people who could plan out a week's meals in advance and shop accordingly. But I can't. How can I possibly know on Saturday what I'll feel like on Thursday?
So I decide every day and that means every day the same question. It's the question asked of mothers almost as much as "why?" and even more than "Are we there yet?"
Yes. It's "What's for dinner?" Perhaps we are all just too spoiled for choice. There are just so many food options.
Life would be so much easier (albeit more boring) if it was the same every day as is the situation for most of the creatures on earth.
This bird at the University of Queensland lakes seemed to have no problem with dinner. Dive under. Get a fish. Eat it. Repeat. Simple.
I might even be convinced to take up fishing if my success rate was anything like his.


  1. WOW - love how you've captured that so perfectly!

  2. That is perfect timing . Stunning.

  3. You take such amazing pictures, I am in total awe!

  4. i find that about meal planning, i will write one and may even buy the food needed to make those meals but after a couple of days i don't want what I planned!
    Great photo as always - love how the fish is up in the air about to be caught and eaten x

  5. what a cracking shot i love it xx

  6. Great capture as usual! Given how much you enjoy food I think that you would soon become bored with fish every day! What's wrong with making sure the main ingredients are in then being a little creative with the menu.

  7. Wow. How long did you wait until you got the perfect shot? That is just fantastic!

  8. great shot..
    I agree with you I'm not one for meal planning..I may know for a few days after the shopping is done but after that it's one day at a time.
    Hubby is a pain as he often says "shall we have (insert option here) tomorrow?" usually when we are eating dinner!!

  9. Brilliant pic. but I have to disagree. I meal plan and try and save money x x