Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 21. Day 141. Gold digger

On the weekend Musgrave Park was a hive of activity as huge crowds descended on the area to enjoy the annual Paniyiri Festival.
Today a much smaller but no less determined band was in the park picking up where the festival goers left off.
The crows and ibis were in heaven, the rubbish collectors were kept very busy and in the middle of it all was Maurice with his metal detector and shovel.
A relative new comer to metal detecting, Maurice says it's the thrill of the chase that attracts him to treasure hunting in the park. It's something he's wanted to do for a long time but now with a bit of time on his hands he's joined a club and invested $1000 on equipment.
The problem is, he says, the metal top of a soft drink or beer, will give about the same reading as a gold coin.
But big crowds tend to leave a lot behind and one couple had just left the park $100 richer, says Maurice.
Metal detecting has so far netted Maurice about $200 in coins which still leaves him well short of what the gear cost but he's philosophical.
"It will only take a find of one $3000 gold necklace," he says. "You have to hand big items like that to the police but after 60 days if no-one claims it, it's yours."
That would be gold.

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