Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May 22. Day 142. All types of discipline

What a grey old start to the morning today; the kind of day where is takes all types of discipline to get out of bed.
I was in Year 10 when Brisbane last experienced a May day as cold as this and I am afraid to say that was a long time ago.
It would have been easy to give in to the lure of the doona but apparently humans aren't allowed to hibernate, more's the pity.
So out of the cave and into the big, bad cold world.
The thing is even though it takes discipline, when you do start the day with a little heart-starting exercise it does improve your outlook all day. I can see what the martial arts devotees at South Bank are on about although that is just a little too disciplined for my liking.
Still if that's your thing there would be far worse places to train than by the river with the Goodwill Bridge as your backdrop even on a grey old Brisbane day like today.

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