Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 28. Day 148. Puppy training

Why they call it puppy training escapes me. The truth is that it is actually owner training and our first class with the fur ball Rumple was today.
Let's hope we learn more from this series of puppy training than we did the first time round 16 years ago.
You see, we are puppy training veterans. Been there. Done that. Got the certificate. Oscar, our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, apparently passed puppy training. I think he bribed the trainer. I can't recall that he we learned anything other than to run the other way and hide from the other dogs.
Lesson one with Rumple tonight started much the same way with the trainer assessing that our little man thinks he is the centre of the universe. I don't believe that's correct. He KNOWS he is the centre of the universe.
But like I said, that's not a puppy problem that's an owner problem. I think the teen summed it up best when he said yesterday "Mum, you're too soft on him".
Yep, and he should know. I think the same parenting rules apply to the human and the canine kids.
I should be tougher but when they look at me with those puppy dogs eyes...well.
Perhaps I should enrol in tough love classes instead.

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