Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May 15. Day 135. Breaking the fast

Someone was hungry and he was not afraid to let mum know about it. In fact, for such a little chick he was making quite a racket at South Bank this morning.
I know how the little one feels. If I haven't had breakfast I am not a person to mess with.
The funny thing is, it wasn't always like that. Just the other day a school friend sent me an email reminding me that as a teenager I would pour the orange juice, freshly squeezed by my mother, into a pot plant as I walked out the door to catch the school bus.
And orange juice was a compromise position. Mum had given up trying to get me to eat food so thought fresh orange juice was better than nothing. Of course Mum didn't know that nothing was exactly what I had for breakfast.
Parenting can be so difficult some times. You can lead a little one to orange juice but you can't actually make her drink. Sorry about that Mum.
Can I just say you were right? It took me a long time but I now know breaking the fast is vital. Now I just have to learn not to break it with such vigour.

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