Saturday, May 18, 2013

May 18. Day 138. Just warming up

Eisteddfods were huge when I was growing up, although I never actually competed in one.
My younger sister Lisa, however, did once compete in a speech and drama section and for years she would tell us about getting a little tongue tied so Honey the Sugar Glider came out as Honey the Sugar Glue. I'm pretty sure she didn't enter the following year.
I actually thought eisteddfods had died out, gone the way of the dinosaur. Try telling that to the thousands of dancers who today were competing in the second of six days of dance group and solo competitions.
The dancers have taken over the performing arts centre at my son's school and I was one of a small army of volunteers brought in to help feed them (for such waif-like creatures they sure can knock back more than their fair share of hot chips).
Although I didn't enter the venue it was great watching the girls (and the occasional boy) warming up, stretching and even carting mountains of costumes to and from the venue.
Never have so many sequins, so much Lycra and so many pairs of false eye lashes been gathered in one place.
I felt so sorry for the Mums who stood by hearts in mouths and watched the girls squirting tomato sauce dangerously close to costumes that looked a million bucks (chances are they also cost a small fortune).
What struck me was:
1) that no matter how serious the competition is, the competitors are still having a great time (as this photo of some of the Dance Force dancers warming up clearly shows) and
2) If you want to wear your furry slippers out in public take up dancing. there were pink fluffy slippers EVERYWHERE
And these girls are just warming up.

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