Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 14. Day 134. Afternoon delight

Five hundred days in a row. I can be a stubborn little so and so when I want to be.
Many doubted that I would last a year. My family, however, expressed little surprise that when I completed the first project 366 I decided to back up and start again. Truth is I don't know when to stop. Truth is that I am an all or nothing person.
I'd like to think that after taking a photo every day for 500 days my photography has improved. It probably has but then some days I can't come up with anything better than a sunset. That's something else I've learned. Some times you just have to work with what you've got and move on.
I have also learned that walking around with a camera in your hand makes you notice things that pass you by unless you are focused on your surrounds. I like that. I like stopping to talk to strangers and finding out what they are up to. I also like that having a project forces me to find a unique view every day even when it it feels like same sh*t, different day.
So 500 days and more than 100,000 actual photos later, I think the experience has been largely positive even those days when the best I can come up with is a sunset. At least it's an impressive sunset

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