Friday, May 24, 2013

May 24. Day 144. The Truth Is?

The Truth Is ... I really have no idea what the industry I am training students for will look like.
Journalism is, according to one of its young stars, undergoing an existential change and where that will end no-one knows.
But as Hamish Macdonald told journalism students at QUT today there are a few truths about the industry.
There is a greater hunger for information than there has ever been in the past but how people want to receive that is changing and the industry has to change to meet that. Falling audiences tell us we can't just keep doing more of the same.
Macdonald doesn't purport to know all the answers but he has developed a new way of telling journalistic stories.
The Truth Is? will premiere on Network 10 next month and if the reaction of the next generation of journalists is anything to go by he has a hit on his hands.
Macdonald today delivered a shot in the arm for any student worrying about the state of the industry they are entering, reminding them that more Australians watch the news and the average news viewer is younger than in other countries.
On top of that, the new journalism students - those who check Twitter and Facebook before turning on the radio, television or picking up the newspaper - will be the ones leading the change and they should seize the day.
And Macdonald's top tip for how to get that elusive journalism job - go overseas. The world is your oyster go grab it. The Truth? I reckon they can handle that truth.

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