Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27. Day 147. Seen the light

It's funny how you don't always notice what is right before your eyes.
After far too many hours staring at a computer screen today, this afternoon I escaped to South Bank.
Most of the local families had packed up and left for the day but quite a few die hard tourists continued to play in the parklands. It was interesting watching them with their phones and cameras out snapping away at things we locals take very much for granted.
With the last of the light gone, I set off home via West End and the grocery shops walking by Stefan's Sky Needle.
The giant reminder of Expo 88 dominates the West End skyline but after a while it's just there.
I probably would have walked straight by had it not been for a tourist who had stopped to take a photo.
A fresh set of eyes alerted me to the fact of just how interesting the dome looks as it fires up for the night.
Finally I've seen the light.

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