Sunday, May 5, 2013

May 5. Day 125. The right way of looking at things

 Religion has a lot to answer for. And yet if we were all to live by the key philosophy of just about any religion the world would be a better place. Hard to argue with Christianity's Love Your Neighbour as Yourself. If only people
a) actually lived by these ideals and
b) took the time to understand more about other creeds.
Today Buddhism was on display at the Buddha Birthday Festival at South Bank.
It's every much an East meets West annual festival where medication, harmony, and peace with nature and your surrounds were being shared through everything from a baby blessing and interfaith service to food and fireworks.
Wandering through the crowds were the mascots encouraging the crowds to: Say good words, Take good actions, Think good Thoughts. Hard to argue with that. Large numbers of families were enjoying all the festival hard to offer from kids workshops and games to a fun rides and crafts. It was an excellent way of enjoying a sunny Sunday afternoon whether on the ground (my preferred option) or from the Bungee trampoline (as favoured by five-year-old Sophia). Either way it was a great opportunity to examine a different culture from another angle


  1. Looks a great festival.
    WOW she is only 5 years old!!!

  2. I love the sense of adventure that girl has! Great captures and the colours in the bottom one are very eye catching x

  3. What a fantastic colourful festival, a great way to bring people together and remind us all to treat people as we would like to be treated. Bungee trampolines are great fun, our children would be queuing up for a go. Thanks for linking up to Country Kids.

  4. Looks like a great festival. Those photos of the girl are amazing!

  5. That looks wonderful - and the photos of the bungy swing are amazing! #CountryKids