Friday, December 1, 2017

December 1. Day 335. Baby look at me

"Sorry mum, working" Drama Teen said as he rushed past me in the foyer of the Schonell Theatre holding a pair of dancing shoes. Well isn't that music to a mother's ears? Working. Actual gainful employment as an assistant stage manager. Ferrying black jazz flats from one dressing room to another (at least I assume that's what he was doing) is just part of a day's work. Wearing the green  tutu? That he does for free. It was the 15th annual Fame Christmas show I have attended and the first for my friends Jamie and Tiania whose little one Molly is a Teeny Famer (no prizes for guessing who introduced them to Fame). As a veteran of the Fame show - I think I've seem the song Fame performed by the whole cast something like 45 times - it's really interesting to see the performances through the eyes of novices.  Sorry guys. You too can learn to love having Fame ear worming through your head for years to come.
You're welcome.

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