Friday, December 8, 2017

December 8. Day 342. A sight for sore eyes

I wouldn't actually say it was a selling point, but the proximity to the city's major children's hospital was a comfort when we moved here. We visited there just once - when Drama Teen fell down the stairs just as my guests were arriving for a work Christmas party. He was fine and I was back home before the last of the guests had arrived. The proximity to the children's hospital comes in handy for others. My little mate Molly had an eye operation yesterday. She had a post operative appointment at the crack of dawn today and camped out at our place with her mum until her dad finished work. Other than the bloodshot eyes, she was good old Molly - until it came to eye drop time. It's fair to say, she's not a big fan. A four-year-old can't be expected to fully understand that the drops are a necessary evil. Parents suffer just as much as the kids (perhaps more) in situations such as this. No-one wants to hurt a little one. The jelly I made didn't make the discomfort stop but it helped distract just a bit. But there were more tears when Drama Teen and I had to leave for a date at the theatre. She wanted to come too. Aunties might be able to get away with more than parents but A Very Naughty Christmas is just not a thing for a youngster even one whose vision might be temporarily blurry.

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