Sunday, December 10, 2017

December 10. Day 344. Family matters

I met a whole bunch of new people today, people I feel like I've known for years. Archie, Phyllis, Penny "Peaches"and a whole tribe of other members of the Hunter family make regular appearances in my neighbour Margaret's stories. Like many people of her age, she talks about folks you have never met like they are your besties. After a while you do feel like you know them. Many of the family I met recently at Margaret's 90th birthday but even more of the tribe gathered today at the home of her nephew John at Bray Park. The family had offered to pick Margaret but she was keen that I play chauffeur. Actually, I think  she really just wanted me to meet the family and for them to meet me.
Fair enough. Now at least I can put faces to names. The faces might not exactly fit seeing as many of the stories are tales about going to school or when Dad came home from the war ... But it was really nice how warmly the family accepted me into their celebrations. It turns out they've heard as much about me as I have about them.

The three siblings:Archie, Laurence and Margaret

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