Thursday, December 7, 2017

December 7. Day 341. Hot in the city tonight

I do love a bit of reality TV and this year, one of the awesome new additions to the space was Instant Hotels. Owners of AirBnBs from all over Australia stayed in each other's property and rated them. The season winner was in West End just down the road from my place. Although the property won the competition, the road to the championship was not smooth. In the "heats", the opposition savaged the attractions of the local area. They laughed at the man-made beach at South Bank and the Wheel of Brisbane. Well excuse me people but we happen to love that area. That area is urban renewal at its best. Tonight, Drama Teen and I were at South Bank to see a movie. We were a bit early (that never happens) so we walked around a while. It was after 9pm but there were still quite a number of people cooling off in the pools after a steamy Brisbane day. The path along the river was being well used by walkers, joggers and cyclists. Those interstate cynics might put shit on our beach but we love it. So there.

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