Monday, December 18, 2017

December 19. Day 353. Shake it up baby now

 Children are weird creatures and not really like small adults at all. Clearly they still have intellectual, physical and emotional developing to do but it's not just that. They just don't react to physical sensations like big people. For example, children seem immune to things such as the cold. No body of water ever seems to chilly for a dip. They can be turning blue and still insist thy are not one bit cold. And then there's motion. If you were to pick me up by the clothing and swing me around like a rag doll the words that came out of my mouth would not be printable (it is possible no words would come out because of the competition with vomit but still.) But when four-year-old Molly's dad Jamie swung her around in her mum's PJ pants she insisted on wearing her words were far more family friendly. Like an Olympic athlete her goal was to go higher and faster. It would have made me feel slightly ill if it wasn't for the obvious joy on both of their faces. I'm not sure what would have happened if he's accidentally let go ....

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