Wednesday, December 13, 2017

December 13. Day 347. Breaking the drought

 Eighty days. That's a pretty long time between drinks. It's not that I'm counting but I know what event I was leaving when I thought I might die after two glasses. The blood test the next day revealed the hepatitis. I'm now allowed a tipple or two. If you are going to celebrate the end of disease-induced abstinence you might as well do it in style. Let me tell you it doesn't get much more stylish than Perrier-Jouet's Blanc de Blancs. That is French liquid awesome. It's new to the Emporium Hotel's cellar and as good a reason as any I've ever seen to host a celebration. As the doctor's orders are to take it easy I stopped at one and didn't even sample the other bottles being opened. So there was no chance I was over the limit when I asked a man I'd just met to come home with me. I'd just eaten one of the scallop canapes created by 2016 Brisbane Times chef of the year Josue Lopez. It was possibly the best thing ever. But Josh as his friends call him did not take my invite seriously. Apparently he has some fancy new job as executive chef as the Emporium. Just as well it's soon to open in walking distance from my home.

The offer is still open should you change your mind Josh

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