Friday, December 29, 2017

December 29. Day 363. My little buddy

I met a dog called Buddy at the dog park today. He was a kelpie with the most beautiful eyes.  I don't generally remember names. I'm bad with people names and worse with dogs. But I remember Buddy because I almost had a dog called Buddy. It was Easter Monday in 2013 and Buddy was available at the Wacol RSPCA animal shelter. He was a three-year-old cocker spaniel and how anyone could give him up I'll never understand. his picture on the website was adorable. We were there before the doors opened because we wanted Buddy. Every other family there also wanted Buddy. He went to someone else. Now you might think I remember a surprising amount about the day the dog got away. I do. I remember more. It was April 1. It was my birthday. My husband was playing bridge because he'd agreed to play bridge on Easter Monday. He hadn't checked the date. You can't back out on your bridge partner. I was heartbroken, not about the bridge playing husband but because I wanted a dog for my birthday and we'd missed out. Life has a way of working out. I went home and set to work on Google. I found a litter of puppies somewhere near Caboolture. They were King Charles Spaniel/ Shih Tzu crosses. I didn't know much about Shih Tzus but I love spaniels and they looked cute. The little black male was still up for grabs. I claimed him and we immediately set out in the car and brought him home. Since that day Rumple has been the best buddy a girl can ever have. He has the most beautiful soulful eyes. I adore him to bits. I hope whoever walked away from the Wacol animal shelter still loves him to bits. They have no idea on what they really missed out on that day.

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