Sunday, December 17, 2017

December 17. Day 351. Twinkle, Twinkle

People think I'm weird because I love children's theatre (I am fully aware that's not the only reason people think I'm weird but that will do for today). When well done, children's theatre has the same quality of staging, acting and technical wizardry as shows for big people. But for me the real magic is in the seats in the auditorium as much as what's happening on stage. There is such magic in the faces, in the comments in the laughter of the children that you would have to be a grinch not to get a kick out of it. And done well, the makers of children's theatre normally ensure there's something going on that delights parents as well. Today "Aunty Susan" joined Molly and family at Emily Brown and the Thing. It was based on a book I confess I've never heard of and certainly never read but it was 50 minutes of please. Three performers played Emily, her rabbit Stanley, a witch, a troll, a polar bear and more. We were all totally engaged and already the brochures are out to plan what next. And since we were in the Southbank theatre precinct we wandered down to check out what was going on in the markets. I also managed to finish my Christmas shopping. Yay me.

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