Friday, December 22, 2017

December 22. Day 356. I love a sunburned Christmas

I was chatting to one of the stallholders at the Southbank Christmas markets tonight, a bloke I visit so often he knows my dogs by name. He's been manning his stall alone eight days straight but still had a big smile on his face. I wondered if that was because the storm didn't happen and the light rain was cooling people rather than deterring them. But he said he was happy because he really loves Christmas. Everyone around is in a party mood and having fun. The spirit of Christmas is everywhere. And it was. Happy little Vegemites everywhere. Where else but in Australia would people be floating in a giant outdoor pool watching Christmas movies with the city in the background?  It's a Brisbane thing. The canopy of fairy lights over the bougainvillea arbour. It's a Brisbane thing. Now if only one of those Christmas movies on the giant screen above the pool could show something that didn't involve snow. Our Christmas is just as valid as the white Christmas.

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