Tuesday, December 12, 2017

December 12. Day 346. Something to get off my liver

I do believe I can now put the liver thing behind me. Today was what is expected to be the last step - an MRI just to make sure everything is behaving as it should. I'm not the sort prone to claustrophobia, but I really could have done without the machine having "issues" a number of times dragging out a 30 minute procedure to well over an hour. Being in a tunnel isn't great but it was also freezing and I don't do well in the cold. So after it was done, fresh air and sunshine was in order - and fish and chips as it was many, many hours since I had been able to eat. As the procedure was done in Redcliffe (the only place that bulk bills MRIs) I headed straight for the water. Bloody good it was too.

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