Monday, December 18, 2017

December 18. Day 352. Oh Deer

When Drama Teen was but a Drama Toddler, one of the Christmas rituals we loved best was the annual singing Christmas Tree at the piazza at Southbank. The tree, which was constructed from carefully disguised choir raises, would come alive as the humans popped up and burst into carols. It was special. But it wasn't what interested Oliver most. It was the animals, and in particular, their poo. There were camels, a donkey, horses and reindeer and they all did a poo at some point. Oliver took great joy in doing a poo count. We never thought of it as anything but pure joy. Apparently, I was wrong. Apparently, I am shallow. Animals are not for our entertainment. At tonight's Christmas parade through the streets of Brisbane, a small band of protesters marched beside the floats and marchers. They held signs such as "Deer Don't Belong Here". I may be naive but the deer didn't looked too distressed. Having said that. however, I admire the protesters. I admire their commitment to the cause, I admire the fact that they were prepared to protest and potentially annoy thousands of families but most of all I admire the fact that they conducted themselves in a calm, quiet dignified manner. They held their signs high but they did so silently. That is in the spirit of Christmas in my book.

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