Thursday, December 14, 2017

December 14. Day 348. Hats off to you

There they go again. Another group of talented young people crossed the QPAC concert hall stage wearing a Cambridge pattern gown with a fuschia silk band. I feel such pride when one after the other, they move the tassel of the mortar board from the right to the left. It's job done for the class of 2017. I catch up with as many as I can find in the crowded QPAC foyers as they queue to have photos taken with family. This is, after all, an occasion families have every reason to celebrate. Behind just about every successful graduate is the family cheer squad (and often the family credit card). But an investment of time and/or money in an education is an investment always worth making. So hats' off to the journalism students about to make their way into the big world. We will miss you and honestly hope you remember us when you are changing the media for the better.

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