Friday, June 9, 2017

June 9. Day 160. Dancing in the streets

 There's a dance movement that is becoming a "thing" in Brisbane. It's called No Lights, No Lyrca. The idea is that with the lights off  people loose their inhibitions and are able to dance for the pure joy of dancing. There's no self consciousness and no worry about what other people are thinking. You can dance like no-one is watching because no-one is watching. Some people, however, have the ability to dance like no-one is watching even when it is obvious everyone can watch and many, many people are. On Friday nights in the shadow of the Brisbane Square Library it's Latin Friday nights. It's free, thanks to Brisbane City Council sponsorship and you can even enjoy free lessons from 8pm to 8.45pm. After than it's social dancing until 11pm.
Although I've hazarded upon the street salsa before, it always takes me by surprise and in a good way. Although personally I prefer Bruce Springstein style dancing in the dark,I truly admire those who love dance so much they care not who is watching.

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