Tuesday, June 6, 2017

June 6. Day 157. Good golly, Miss Molly

Kids these days ... A phrase such as that almost always ends with some kind of pejorative rant. But as it happens, I happen to think kids these days are kind of awesome. And what's more I think the opportunities they have are really, really remarkable. I found myself at a child care centre today with my three-year-old friend Molly. These little people have brains like sponges. It is not all that unusual for kids to sing nursery rhymes - but it is traditional to do so in their native tongue. (although I did sing Frère Jacques in both English and French).  These kids were singing in languages other than English AND communicating in Auslan. It was morning tea time. To prevent a stampede, the children were released gradually to wash their hands according to the colour of their shirt. I've seen that many times before but not where the colour was signed not spoken. The children knew the sign for red, blue, yellow and green. Of course I have not a clue. Seriously, kids these days.

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