Friday, June 23, 2017

June 23. Day 174. Pounding the pavement

The global corporate challenge has me pounding the footpath rather a lot these days. It has taught, or reminded me, of many things:
a) I am very unfit
b) Brisbane is every beautiful, especially at night at this time of year
c) I really lack commitment to any cause. Just about everywhere I go there is chalk art on the footpath advising carnivores (such as myself) that eating meat is cruel and a vegan lifestyle is far preferable to all creatures great and small. I imaged there was a large band of vegans with chalk (quite a good name for a rock band). But on tonight's walk I saw the artists in action and they assured me there was just the two of them
d) Ibis and magpies get all the bad press for being avian annoyances but the noisy miners give them a run for their money. They really are little bullies sticking their beaks in just about everywhere. They have little bird syndrome, overcompensating for their lack of size in attitude. Perhaps if I walked faster I might have less size, more attitude.

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