Monday, June 26, 2017

June 26. Day 177. Up the creek


I'm going to spend much of the next week trying to travel up sh*t creek without a paddle. There will be a lot of sh*t and it will all be coming at me from one direction - the television. Now some people would think the incredibly high doses of lifestyle and reality programming I consume is the definition of trash television. By some people I mean people such as my husband. But this week he takes control of the remote control. No, I did not lose a bet. It started with a chance meeting in an op shop between Charles and ABC producer Amanda Dell. In a conversation about the television segment I am involved in, Charles suggested it would be awesome to let him choose the shows I review. Amanda decided to spring the "good news" on me today live on air. It will be a long week filled with footie shows and BBC historical programs. But even I think it is pretty funny and I'd be laughing really hard if the situation was reversed. It could be worse. It could be be a State of Origin week....

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