Sunday, June 11, 2017

June 11. Day 162. Wet, wet, wet

 What would a sensible person do on a very cold, very wet, winter Sunday? What if that sensible person was still not symptom-free after a four week battle with the flu? Would that person a) curl up in bed, head under the doona or would that person b) walk five kilometres in the rain with no umbrella to the markets which were outside, also exposed to the elements. Naturally, being a sensible person I was curled up in bed under the doona with one dog at my head and one at my feet. Unfortunately that was after I had walked five kilometres in the rain with no umbrella. In my defence it wasn't raining when I left home. Sure it was overcast and the forecast was rain but I thought it was clearing and I rarely bother to listen to the forecast. My bad. It is true I arrived late and wet but on the upside was the very big positive. Waiting for me were my human friends Tania and Anna and one of Anna's fur babies Bruce. And because my friends have more sense than I do they insisted on driving me home in a nice, dry car. And then I went to bed.

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