Tuesday, June 27, 2017

June 27. Day 178. Bend over backwards

In my kitchen there's a small plaque that says "doing housework is like stringing beads without a knot in the end". Never were truer words written. But while I would never do the beading, there's an inevitability about the housework thing. If you don't want to live in squalor, cleaning is an unavoidable fact of life. That doesn't necessarily mean I need to do all of it. This is where the domestic goddess who clean my house come in. Alana and her sister Caityn arrive once a week and bend over backwards to ensure my house is shiny and hygienic. They may only be out the gate for 2.7 seconds before the humans and dogs start to undo their good work but at least I know under the mess it is clean. That matters a lot. So I hesitated for not even a second when Alana asked if she could bring her daughters with her today. It's school holidays and that meant either bringing the girls or taking time off. We all have to do what we have to do to make the work/life thing work. The girls were delightful. Their mum said they would happily sit and colour in and so they did right up until the dogs and I waded in and disturbed them. So the girls entertained me while their mum and aunt cleaned. Now that seems like a deal you can't refuse.

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