Saturday, June 24, 2017

June 24. Day 175. 21 Candles

If you spend even a second thinking about it, you realise just how anachronistic the 21st birthday is. Do not get me wrong. I fully endorse 21st birthday parties and as a Party Mamma look forward to many a sleepless night planning Drama Teen's birthday bash when the time comes. But what's the great, big key-of-the-door birthday about any more? You can get the car keys at 17. At 18, the doors to the democratic process, the pub, the strip club and the locked cabinet at the supermarket where the smokes are kept (should you be crazy enough to want any) are unlocked. The 21st birthday is a thing of the past. It was, of course, already a thing of the past when I was 21. Its significance is in tradition and that in itself is a fine, fine reason. So it was with great pleasure that tonight I entered the 21st birthday phase of my life for the seocnd time. In round one, the parties belong to you and your friends. Second time around, it is your kids and their friends. It does make me feel old to be at the 21st birthday of someone I have known since he was a toddler. But it is also special to be part of a celebration that marks the ceremonial coming of age of a fine young man. So congratulations Daniel and congratulations to your mum and dad for raising such a gentleman.
(The YouTube videos of the speeches are dreadful because of the light but they are included for the public record)

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