Wednesday, June 14, 2017

June 14. Day 165. Not in my backyard

There's this phenomenon called NIMBY or Not In My Back Yard. It goes like this. Whenever there is a proposal to build anything those most directly impacted will object. (We journalists occasionally referred to it as the BANANA principle or build absolutely nothing anywhere near anything. But then again journalists are cynical types). Normally the grounds will involve such things as traffic impacts and endangered animals. Often, in fact, it will come down the fact that they don't want it because it will impact on property values or quality of life. You can't blame people for that. But I have another NIMBY problem. Snakes. I thought the snakes in our area had an agreement. I thought the agreement was out of sight, out of mind. I am not stupid. I know there are snakes around out property but they are not supposed to show themselves or leave any evidence of their presence. In exchange I will leave them be. What could be fairer? Nothing. So why exactly is there a snake skin just by the gate? That is breaking both the spirit and the letter of the agreement. Not fair, I say. Not fair. I know snakes control other things I don't want to see but still.

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