Friday, June 16, 2017

June 16. Day 167. Dining out

What's worse than going to a curry house and ordering the omelette? Going to a curry house and ordering nothing at all. I did that tonight. Four small people at the same table ate more than I did (and I must say they did so with great style and gusto). Just in case anyone thinks I'm one of those annoying people on a diet, not so. I'd been out for lunch and the Greek banquet left zero room for another bite. Now a "normal" person might have just not gone. But I was happy to dine out on good company. It's so hard to find a time that suits the "curry club" members that pulling out at the last minute because you couldn't even manage a wafer-thin mint is uncalled for. People may think I'm weird but that won't be the first time.

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