Monday, June 12, 2017

June 12. Day 163. Somewhere over the rainbow

Being a shy assuming type, I'm not big on public displays of affection. No, really. If others want to snog in public that's their right. It's also my right to think "get a room". I'm a bit the same about public displays of exercise. Although I'm happy to take a walk I'd rather not appear at my worst in public places and the hot sweaty beetroot face is not a look I wear well. But others seem to be able to find ways of working out and at the same time looking effortlessly stylish and talented.  So it was in the City Botanic Gardens this afternoon where I saw not one but two women finding ways to make getting fit look fun. I might even be tempted to have a go at this park workout business if either cartwheeling or ribbon twirling was a possibility. Unfortunately, a degree of coordination beyond tragically inept is required for both these activities. So back to walking I go. Still walking has an advantage. I can take photos of randoms while I walk. I bet they'd struggle to do the same while they exercise. There's my pot of gold right there.

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