Sunday, June 25, 2017

June 25. Day 176. A little bit of theatre

Sunday is the day of rest - if you have no imagination. Personally  I like a bit of theatre in my life. Today I found myself at Gardens Theatre for Mr Stink. Based on the book of David Walliams, this was children's theatre at its best. it managed to combine jokes about bums, poo, farts - and even better farts in the bath - with some pretty worthy themes. This show takes on bullying, homelessness, political expediency and more. That's pretty impressive in an hour. And it does so with a huge amount of humour a high standard of acting and theatrical design. The flyer  said this was theatre for children aged 6 to 12. It's true that the excited laughs, cheers and boos proved it hit the mark. Indeed, I might be a tiny bit older than that but I enjoyed it just the same as did by theatre buddies for today Tiania and Molly neither of whom fall in the target demographic (hear the podcast). Then after the theatre we moved next door to the Botanic Gardens where the weekly markets were underway. Even though I can walk to the markets I have not yet made it there. This is a tremendous oversight. I picked up a few hand-made fashion items and a delicious bowl of noodles. But best yet I was on hand to watch Molly meeting the face painter. It was the second piece of theatre for Miss Molly today which makes it just about perfect for  Sunday.

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