Tuesday, June 13, 2017

June 13. Day 164. Lovely weather ... for ducks

 The weather today was lovely ... for ducks. It was cold. It was wet and commitments had me running between a car and a building - repeat. It kind of sucked but then I have a car, a home and an umbrella when outside. Many do not. My tasks today had me walk by a park on Wickham Terrace. There was a Brisbane City Council sign announcing the park was cleaned regularly and anything left unattended would be removed. I can only assume what it wasn't explicitly saying was that if you are homeless and leave your possessions there, don't expect to find them when you return. That's kind of sad. A little bit of compassion would go a long way. Later I looked at the wildlife. I rather assumed that birds would seek shelter. The ones at my house rather like the cover of the pergola by the pool. At South Bank, however, there was no shelter or the birds didn't seek it out. Given that crows and ibis don't exactly win the bird popularity stakes probably the care factor of most people was zero. But I watched the ibis and I swear they were shivering. Everyone knows down is pretty useless at keeping you warm if it's wet. And not only that the rain keeps the tourists away and no tourists means no food scraps. Lose, lose. It might have been lovely weather for ducks but for the rest of us, not so much.

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