Friday, June 30, 2017

June 30. Day 181. A little gem

 At some stage of his school career, Drama Teen had to write a piece of description about his favourite place. He chose the Queensland Performing Arts Complex. He wrote about the smell of perfume and champagne. He wrote about the excited chatter before the curtain went up and the thunder of the applause. And he wrote about the electricity in the air. Theatre is not just what happens on stage. Theatre is the experience. For little ones, all that may not be immediately apparent. But there are other ways to build on the sense of excitement attached to the whole day at the theatre thing. Fame Theatre Company does this well. Firstly they have very lovely and kind people working in the canteen (said no-one ever expect me because I happened to be a canteen volunteer today). So firstly there's a colouring competition, the opportunity to take a selfie with the cast or join Snow White in the park after the show. Kids can get all crafty before the show or at intermission and there are singers to keep you entertained before the doors open. The wide-eyed looks on the children's faces prove that  it hits the mark. Of course the real joy is in the theatre itself where the chatter, laughter and looks of pure innocent joy are well worth the admission price. Actually the performance of King Leo alone was enough to cover the admission price. Such a striking resemblance to that talented woman selling drinks, chips, chocolates and other goodies in the canteen ....


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