Friday, June 16, 2017

June 15. Day 166. Big Brother is Watching You

I'm so old that I remember when 1984 was a novel about a dystopian future (although I am not sure the dystopian fiction category had yet been given that label). But even then, 30 plus years after George Orwell wrote it, it was scarily accurate. What is terrifying is that in the 2017 world it seems even closer to the mark than it did in the 80s. The idea of the surveillance state, of thought police, of double speak, these things are scarily familiar. Everywhere you are someone is watching and quite frankly we invite the intrusion into our privacy through a social media obsession. These things were on my mind as I pointed my large lens in the general direction of strangers jumping all over the Brisbane sign. I'd just left the Lyric Theatre after opening night of the touring production of 1984. I've seen the play before but not like this. This was extraordinary theatre. This is the sort of thing that will haunt you in part because of Orwell's incredible vision and captivating writing. But this was the sort of stage production that haunts you in its brilliance. It took an incredible story and delivered it in a way that was not only technically brilliant but likely to mess with your head. Big Brother is watching you. Now is your turn to watch Big Brother at the Lyric Theatre. Our podcast is (mostly) spoiler free, especially if you have read the book. Listen here

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