Friday, June 2, 2017

June 2. Day 153. Letting fly

 Because I'm a case, Telstra has assigned me a case manager. Actually, its because I lodged an official complaint about my ongoing battle for Velocity but anyway...
My case manager was on my case today... and then I was on hers. It was our first chat and it was full and frank. Okay, I let fly. I did not lose my cool. There was not one word my mother would not approve of but I didn't hold back.
It started very pleasantly. She had read my file and was pleased. I was sorted. The new home phone would be installed on Tuesday and the Internet on Thursday. Case closed. I was happy, right? Um, no. I told her that I was aware the installation was back on track but there was a lot of ground to cover about the process it took to get to this point. She patiently explained that it was a map input problem. The maps had not been updated so it looked like the service was not available in my area. On that basis, the original installation order was cancelled. Yes, I said. I was told that BUT we checked at the start that the service was available and if it wasn't why was the booking made in the first place? Do you routinely book to install services in places you can't deliver them? And does it take four hours of phone calls to establish that? Some weasel words followed that included that it was not policy to compensate people for time taken on the phone. I asked a follow-up question. How many times would you think a person should listen to a recorded message and agree to have their number listed in the White Pages? I explained that I would have thought one was enough but I'd had to do that on five separate occasions. And so it went. A goodwill "offer" followed of a period of free service. I was with a journalism educator work colleague during this call. When we'd finished he said he'd wished he'd taped it. "I could just play that as my lecture of how to deal with someone avoiding answering a question with a meaningful answer and taking responsibility for system failure". Case closed. Hopefully.

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