Thursday, June 29, 2017

June 29. Day 180. Taking flight

It was all so graceful so elegant so beautiful. And then, suddenly, it wasn't. I frocked up and went to the ballet, the Royal Ballet no less. Now having basically been expelled from ballet lessons at age six for supreme lack of ability to perform as a sea anemone I do not claim to be an expert on the form. But I know what I like and I liked this a lot. This was hauntingly beautiful, moving and challenging. The brilliance of the dancers was matched - perhaps even surpassed - by a technical team who played with laser light and smoke to create a vision of clouds and rainbows that dancer above the stage. It was stunning. I left the theatre on a high. But what goes up can come crashing down and it doesn't always take a lot to pop the balloon. Tonight it was the laptop. This laptop has been out of its box for four days. It was a replacement for the work laptop that really didn't respond well to sparkling mineral water. Just before leaving home I sent an email and shut the lid. On arriving home I opened it to download photos. The screen was a mess. Diffracted light might be spectacular on stage but as an unwanted consequence on a computer screen, not so much. I was devastated. Sure it's only a thing but it was a thing issued into my care. It was a thing with lots and lots of my data on it and it was another thing I'd have to explain to the IT people . This was not a conversation I wanted to have. If humans could fly north for the winter or hibernate in a cave I'd be there. Instead I flapped about with all the grace I' displayed as a six-year-old ballerina. Some thing never change. I live in hope.

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