Sunday, June 4, 2017

June 4. Day 155. All that glitters ... is gold

The fact that Dance Moms "star" Abby Lee Miller has been jailed surprises me not at all. The fact the one year and one day sentence is for 20 counts of fraud is more surprising. If the hundreds of hours of footage in seven seasons of Dance Moms isn't enough to convict Abby Lee and the Moms of something it sure should be. I get that an incredible amount of hard work is needed to make it in the competitive performing arts business but bullying, belittling, b*tching and backstabbing shouldn't be. Some of those kids may go on to be stars. Most of the kids will probably end up hating dance. There is so much hate in that show. It doesn't have to be like that. Drama Teen has been dancing since he was five. Being good is important. Having a good time is equally so. Today he was in his first eisteddfod-style competition with the adult team at Fame. This crew is made up of Fame graduates and teachers who love it too much to let it go. The won the Mature and Motivated category of the Brisbane Performing Arts Challenge with the judges saying their hard work and their rehearsing were clear for all to see but the joy of performing and just being on stage shone through. 
Gold work guys.

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