Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April 1. Day 91. Fifty ways to celebrate

So you get to raise the bat when you're 50 right? You also get a free bowel screen test from the government and are eligible for Australian Pensioners Insurance. Well isn't that an joy? Perhaps not but what was joyous was that I got to spend the day with some really awesome people each representing a different stage of life. From school friends to work friends, old family friends, social media buddies and the mums I met through my parenting duties who have become my besties, the birthday wishes (and the champagne flowed). But a woman of my age is, of course, restrained and respectful of limits. If 50 year old me was to write to 15 year old me one of the messages would be that you don't have to drink a lot to have a good time. What you drink and who you drink it with is far more important. Of course, 15-year-old me - like any self respecting teenager - would take no notice of an old woman talking moderation. That, you kind of have to learn yourself.
In any case who am I to talk moderation? Not much moderation in evidence when it comes to the cake. That cake was baked just for me by one of my new friends Christy, the domestic goddess and cake queen. I shall savour every bite

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  1. gorgeous looking cake! happy birthday - i hope you had a wonderful time celebrating x