Saturday, April 18, 2015

April 18. Day 108. The Scavenger Hunt

Walking around the city with a camera. Taking photos of random things. Who do I know who would do such a thing?
If ever there was a weekend activity with my name on it the Scavenger Snaps as part of the UR{BNE} festival would be it.
Around the city families, groups and individuals walked with cameras and camera phones armed with a list of 30 words they would interpret as they saw fit.
What a great way to spend an afternoon in the autumn sun exploring the city.

UPDATE: As an added bonus my image titled Urban Play was chosen as a showcase winner

Here are the 30 words with my interpretation
1. Windmill

2. Red

3. Gather
4. Heritage
5. Adventure
6. Ladder

7. Royal

8. City Rhythm
9. Dappled
10. Archway
11. Active

 12. Safe
13. View point

14. Creative

15. A place of perfection
16. A place of potential
17. Green streets

18. Sphere
19. Character
20. Contrast
21. False facade
Community connection
23. Urban play
24. Above
25. (Watch out) Below
26. Sustainable

27. Laneway
28. Words
29. Buildings that breathe

30. Commute


  1. Knew that you would be in it. love all the pics - interesting to see how many were red, active, arch etc. x x x Ali

  2. Such a happening City, one day I will have to visit, lovely photos capturing all the fun of the moment. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids