Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 15. Day 105. Working out

I work hard for the money, so hard for it for it honey. I work hard for the money so you'd better treat me right.

 Firstly my apologies to Donna Summer and secondly I fully accept that while my job is full of challenges it is not what you would consider hard work, at least not in a physical sense. Trying to motivate students in a 9am lecture has a very high degree of difficulty.
Marking. Extremely challenging.
Staff meetings. Let's not go there. But I don't have to dig trenches. I am not on my feet all day or cleaning bed pans.  Nor do I have to wear protective clothing or a safety harness, be in the hot sun all day or be tethered on to make sure I don't fall from a great height. All things considered I have it easy. Still I reckon the blokes working on the Wheel of Brisbane this morning had about the best view around. I wonder if they'd swap me for a bundle of marking or perhaps we could have staff meetings on the wheel in future. These things also have a habit of endlessly going round and round.

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