Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April 28. Day 118. The hand that feeds you

 If you want a free feed around here, my neighbour Margaret's is the place to go - and all the animals in the street know it.
From dawn until dusk, 87-year-old Margaret operates a McFly-through window where birds  come to collect their supply of mince. Margaret knows them all by name or reputation - the kookaburras, butcher birds, noisy miners and crows all come for their share. The feathered friends rarely come inside but my fur friend Rumple takes more than a few liberties.
Margaret opens the door and before she can get back to her chair - like Goldilocks - he's sitting on it. He will shift his bottom long enough for her to sit but within seconds he will be on her lap. She rewards him handsomely with a generous supply of mince. She doesn't need an excuse. But today was haircut day and that means Rumple gets an extra large helping. Both parties are happy with that.

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