Friday, April 3, 2015

April 3. Day 93. Good Friday

Yesterday it did look like today would bring weather as bleak and sombre as the events we mark on Good Friday. It was not. At all. Down the beach just after day break with the dogs and all the beautiful people and it was magnificent. I did wonder about the mental health of the woman rock fishing and regularly getting pounded by the waves. My days as a journalist working in this part of the world reinforced just how treacherous that can be. I can only assume that she was after the fish which for many is the traditional diet of Good Friday. I still do a meat free Good Friday although all other remnants of the my Catholic upbringing are gone (apart from the guilt thing. That stays. You can't shake that). Anyway now Easter is a nice family time at the beach. That makes for a very Good Friday indeed.


  1. It looks like your good Friday planned out better than ours here did, the weather was unfriendly. It's great that you managed to escape to the beach and enjoy the day as a family, that's the important thing. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.