Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13. Day 103. Dawning on me

 I made a life and death decision this morning. Actually it was more a death decision than a life one and it has nothing to do with joining the beach boot camp which would have been a death wish.
I decided that I would like to have my ashes scattered off the rocks at Sunshine Beach. To be clear, I am not planning on this being an issue any time soon, nor is the thought at depressing as it sounds. A beautiful sunrise over the sea walking silently with just dogs for company can lead a girl to think. And the thinking is that the beach is where I am most at peace with the world so it makes sense. I really should not claim the idea as my own. On Easter Sunday, while the duck was roasting, we walked along the beach and I camped on the rocks of the headland to watch the dogs play. Behind them I saw a family high on an outcrop. The adults embraced and began the climb down together. They walked right in front of me and clearly they had been crying but as they walked arm in arm up the beach it stuck me how beautiful it looked. I only assume that there was an ashes scattering or memorial of some type up on the rocks. But whatever it was it did make me pause for reflection. Simple, beautiful and totally appropriate - just no time soon thank you very much. That's my death wish

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  1. That looks like a beautiful place, no wonder you want to be scattered there!