Friday, April 10, 2015

April 10. Day 100. A camera never lies

They say the camera never lies. This is a great big lie. The camera can be a great big fibber and that's before you add filters or start Photoshopping. At best it captures just one frame with no context which can create an impression vastly removed from reality. If it was true there is no way The Fed would be allowed anywhere near Rumple whether the beagle belongs to my brother or not. In fact, it is probable the council dog catcher would have been called to remove the vicious dog from the beach. Fed - all teeth bared - likes to pull Rumple's tail or chew his ears as a warm-up act before going for the throat. That's how it appears. But watch closely and you will see that the dog most often leading the charge, the dog chasing not  being chased, the dog not only starting but continuing the tussle is Rumple. He runs and hides from puppies but enjoys nothing more than a wrestle with Fed. I do not understand how this can be anyone's definition of fun but there is no doubt they love it. And when the wrestle is over they walk side by side up the beach making sure the other one is close by. And that's the truth


  1. The loving cousins, I love it!! Cheers again from the UK, this time from York!

    1. I do love York. Hope you spied the Grand Old Duke